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Materials Center

  Nov 1 - March 31




7:00 AM - 4:00 PM



Open during winter storms for salt & ice melt loading.


Closed Holidays:

Wed, Nov 22 closing early at Noon

Thurs & Fri, Nov 23 & 24 CLOSED (Thanksgiving)

Mon Dec 25 CLOSED (Christmas)

Memorial Day

Fourth of July

Labor Day


April - October 31




7:00 AM - 4:30 PM

7:00 AM - 3:00 PM



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Administrative Office


Sat & Sun







313 Portsmouth Ave. (RTE. 33)
Stratham, NH 03885 

Phone:  603-431-0088





Winter Products

Winter Products

Bagged Calcium Chloride

$16.75/bag (1 pallet)
$16.00/bag (2-5 pallets)

Bagged CE Professional Ice Melt

$12.25/bag (1 pallet)
$11.50/bag (2-5 pallets)

Bagged CE Treated Salt

$9.00/bag (1 pallet)
$8.25/bag (2-5 pallets)

Bagged Merlin Melts Like Magic

$11.75bag (1 pallet)
$11.00/bag (2-5 pallets)

Bagged Road Runner

$14.75/bag (1 pallet)
$14.00/bag (2-5 pallets)

Bagged STS-Premium

$14.75/bag (1 pallet)
$14.00/bag (2-5 pallets)

Plow Stakes-4'

$21.00/bundle (25)

All materials are cash and carry. As with any commodity product, winter materials pricing is subject to change. Call LandCare at 603-749-9797 for updated pricing information.

2013-2014 Winter Pricing PDF


About Our Deicers

LandCare primary supplier of deicers to the contractor community with an open facility 'during the storm' for bulk loading of sanders and trucks.

We Stock:

Straight salt, treated salt, sand/salt mixes and bagged deicers.

LandCare exclusively stocks a treated salt product. Treated salts refer to a bulk winter salt that has been sprayed with a 'molasses, by product' of the alcohol brewing process.

Why Use Treated Salts?

Melt hardened ice and winter related precipitation at temperatures of -30 degrees. Remove the harsh and corrosive properties of regular salt. Allow us to pre- treat surfaces before precipitation starts making it so snow does not stick to a surface. When plowed, the familiar 'icy glaze' is eradicated. Maintain a residual 'burn off' effect for precipitation and melt off that occurs within the next hours and days.

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